G20 Update #18 and BRICS Update: The Fossile Fools Troika

Dear Readers,

the G20 Newsletter number 18 (PDF) is out. You will find reflections on 2014 Summit Agenda. And as always, we have put together for more indebt reading interesting links in the must read section. You may have noticed that we have integrated the BRICS group now even into the title. Since there is a number of interconnections, we did that with the intention to expand the profile of the Newsletter and more regularly report about developments around the politics of this new club in the club. We do hope that serves your interests.

About G20 Update

The Heinrich Böll Foundation publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, the “G20 Update,” on the G20 Summit processes and outcomes with special emphasis on the contributions to the processes by civil society organizations.


G20 Update for February  2014 (21 pages, pdf, 1.8MB)

G20 Update for October 2013 (17 pages, pdf, 1.9MB)

G20 Update for May 2013 (18 pages, pdf, 1644KB)

G20 Upadte for February 2013 (19 pages, pdf, 2.34MB)

G20 Update for December 2012 (18 pages, pdf, 1316 KB)  

G20 Update for September 2012 (ESP-forthcoming) (18 pages, pdf, 960KB)

G20 Update for June 2012 (22 pages, pdf, 3.81MB)

G20 Update for April 2012 (15 pages, pdf, 1.2MB)

G20 Update for Feburary 2012 (18 pages, pdf, 1.4MB)

G20 Update for November 2011 (18 pages, pdf, 1.76MB)

G20 Update for August/ September 2011 (17 pages, pdf, 1.31MB)

G20 Update for June 2011 (17 pages, pdf, 1.21MB)

G20 Update for March 2011 (10 pages, pdf, 570KB)

G20 Update for January 2011 (11 pages, pdf, 968KB)

G20 Update for December 2010 (13 pages, pdf, 990KB)

G20 Update for October 2010 (10 pages, pdf, 2.1MB)

G20 Update for September 2010 (8 pages, pdf, 1MB)

G20 Update for August 2010 (8 pages, pdf, 1.1MB)

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