International Climate Politics


Green growth, smart growth: Interview with Ralf Fücks

Ralf Fücks’ new book “Green Growth, Smart Growth”, with a foreword by Anthony Giddens, outlines a way forward to the great transformation needed to decouple economic growth from resource consumption. Drawing on the German policy experience of tackling climate change, Ralf Fücks outlines a new approach to economic thinking, scientific and technological innovation and democratic proactive policymaking.

Radical goals for sustainable development

The coming set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will seek to protect ecosystems, conserve resources, and lift millions of people out of poverty. But, though the SDGs will stand on solid legal ground, that ground must be developed further, argues Barbara Unmüßig, president of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

By Barbara Unmüßig

"The world is waiting for a climate agreement"

Dr. Adil Najam is a leading global expert on issues related to developing country environmental policy, especially climate change. In this interview he speaks about his expectations for the COP19 in Warsaw. He underlines the importance of international agreements and calls for immediate action.

By Jelena Nikolic

Nature, Inc.?

As old methods have lost credibility, some governments, economists and international institutions like the UN Environment Programme have adopted a new approach, based on the view that nature is an “ecosystem service” provider. In doing so, they have shifted the onus of addressing environmental risk onto the private sector and market-based mechanisms.

By Barbara Unmüßig

The “doha climate gateway”: Will the camel go through the eye of the needle?

Expectations for the climate summit in Doha were so low that it is quite remarkable that the meager results still managed to fall short of them. The UN climate talks appear to have a recurring theme: The process was saved, unfortunately the climate wasn't. Did Doha move us even the tiniest step forward ?

By Lili Fuhr and Liane Schalatek

The german energy transition

Germany has drawn a lot of attention for the Energiewende - the aim to switch to a renewable energy economy, phase out nuclear power and leave fossil fuels behind. But what exactly is the German energy transition: How does it works and what challenges lay ahead? Check out this new website.

By Arne Jungjohann