Internship at HBS India

NOTE: We are accepting applications from Jan, 2019. Positions are closed for the current year.

India provides internships that offer a professional experience to learn the ways the Indian civil society acts and functions. We contribute to the interns understanding of the programme areas within which the India office of the Foundation works, namely,

1) Democracy and Dailogue

2) Climate & Resources

3) Macroeconomics & Gender

We offer unique opportunity to enrich academic quality of education with the experience of non-profit and development sector in India and expose them both to the programmatic as well administrative challenges of a workplace.

All Internships are voluntary and unpaid.

Requirements/How to Apply:

Applications are accepted all year round and sought from candidates of diverse background. Women candidates are encouraged to apply as HBS-India is an equal opportunity employer.

We require a brief resume (in English) and a letter of motivation along with self photograph, at least 3 months in advance of the placement. This should mention availability, interest in a particular programme area of the HBS India office and other expectations.

The period of internship is expected to last between 2-3 months and is based primarily in HBF office in Delhi.

Applicants are not expected to be highly skilled or specialized but sincere, motivated and interested in a professional internship with due commitments to complete the work entrusted. International competence and knowledge on India is an advantage.

To apply, please e-mail required documents to: E:

Only selected candidates will be contacted. The selection intimation should normally be complete one month prior to the placement.


The overall supervision of the internship will be under the guidance of the Country Director India office with close co-ordination by the programme staff.

At the end of the internship period, an evaluation of the work will be undertaken in a participatory manner to also enable the intern to appraise performance. Each intern is also issues a letter of reference cum completion certificate by the Country Director or his proxy on successful completion of the internship.


The Heinrich Böll Stiftung/ Heinrich Boell Foundation is a German foundation and part of the Green political movement that has developed worldwide as a response to the traditional politics of socialism, liberalism, and conservatism.

We are a green think-tank and an international policy network, our main tenets are ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination and justice. We place particular emphasis on gender democracy, meaning social emancipation and equal rights for women and men. We are also committed to equal rights for cultural and ethnic minorities. Finally, we promote non-violence and proactive peace policies. To achieve our goals, we seek strategic partnerships with others who share our values.

Our namesake, Heinrich Böll, personifies the values we stand for: protection of freedom, civic courage, tolerance, open debate, and the valuation of art and culture as independent spheres of thought and action.

Our India Liaison Office was established in 2002 in New Delhi. Working with governmental and non-governmental local project partners we support India’s democratic governance through informed national and international dialogue processes with a view to enhance the diversity of green thinking.


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