Three Journeys: Cameos of the Jogappa Community in Karnataka

Three Journeys: Cameos of the Jogappa Community in Karnataka

18 August 2015 by Aneka
Aneka, Bangalore
Place of Publication: Bangalore
Date of Publication: October 2014
Number of Pages: 53
Language of Publication: English

These three oral histories are accounts of transition. The multiple changes in the world around them have impacted the Jogappa community in various ways. Each Jogappa here gives an account of the unique experiences that have shaped their lives and identities.

Ranjini accounts for the multiple identities that reside within her. She attests to the different experiences she has had, both elating and distressing, that have come to strengthen her belief that individuals must be allowed to choose the identities they live and express in daily live.

Reshmabee’s powerful testament explores multiple phases of her life: her visions of Yellamma at an early age, her gradual realization and acceptance of her own gender identity, and her struggle to deal with the people who question the validity of a Muslim born person being possessed by a Hindu goddess. She is emblematic of how Jogappas transcend barriers of gender and religious held as sacrosanct by society.

Jayanthi examines the deep connection Jogappas have with Yellamma. This relationship is so important that it touches every aspect of their lives, from their daily interactions with people to their clandestine affairs with their partners. Yellamma is possessive and protective of them and, to some extent negates the impact of the public’s casual cruelty towards them.

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