Global Governance


Civic Charter

Repression of civil society is on the rise all over the world, even in some democratic countries. Especially activists and organisations working for democracy, human rights, and social and environmental justice are under pressure. A Civic Charter, developed in consultation with civil society actors from all over the world and launched in October, aims to support civil society organizations as activists to advocate for their rights and freedom of action.

India’s Development Co-operation: Case of Four Countries


India’s development assistance has gained prominence in recent years, and there has been a sustained strengthening of ties with its neighbors. In this study hbs partner VANI takes a closer look at the strategic motives and socio-economic impacts of India’s development cooperation with Bhutan, Nepal, Indonesia and Combodia.

Development Finance in India

How are large-scale infrastructure projects funded in India? And how, more generally, is "development" being financed in this country? While preparations are under way to create a development bank of the BRICS states, to which India's experience (and funds) will contribute, C.P. Chandrashekhar looks at the history and practice of development finance in India.