Greenpeace appeals to Prime Minister Modi “to play heroic role” in Paris talks

Greenpeace urged the Prime Minister to “support 100% renewables for all by 2050”.

The Executive Director of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo said that “major polluters should be held accountable for historical greenhouse gas emissions that had produced climate change, the statement said. A shift to total renewable energy access by 2050 would be the only way to keep a rise in global temperature under 1.5 degrees C, which was essential to save the most vulnerable countries.”

“For India, the conference presented the opportunity to play a historic role. A complete shift to renewable energy would produce millions of clean energy jobs, to which there could be a transition. This should be done without affecting those who were currently working in the fossil fuel energy sector.”

The Modi government had recently sought to cancel the license of Greenpeace to operate in India, while Greenpeace “approached the courts to stay afloat, winning partial reprieves.”

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