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Resources & Sustainable Development

Plastic infobrief

वैश्विक प्लाास्टिक प्रदूषण से संघर्ष

संपूर्ण प्लास्टिक चक्र पर एक नारीवादी दृष्टिकोण से आलोचनात्मक नज़र भी महत्वपूर्ण है, क्योंकि प्लाास्टिक समस्या को केवल उपभोक्ता उपयोग पैटर्न या कॉस्मेटिक उत्पादों में हानिकारक माइक्रोप्लास्टिक तक सीमित नहीं किया जा सकता है। इसके विपरीत, प्लास्टिक चक्र का प्रत्येक चरण अलग-अलग लिंग-विशिष्ट अनुभवों और जोखिमों को दर्शाता है।

Feminism in Pictures: Global Feminist Pitch

“Feminism in Pictures” is the result of a collaboration with seven incredible feminist illustrators from Brazil, Iran, India, Georgia, Pakistan, Turkiye, and Kenya for the Global Feminist Pitch 2023. These graphic novels are evidence of the continuing streams of feminist resistance and resilience in diverse global contexts.
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Democracy & Society

Energy transition paper

Energy transition in India and Indo-German cooperation

The mentioned deficiencies, challenges and recommendations were developed within the framework of the 2023 scoping exercise “Energy transition in India” and discussed with relevant key actors such as representatives from Indian and German think tanks, decision-makers in the German parliament and different ministries, academics, and activists from the field of energy transition in India, climate foreign policy, development, human rights, and environmentalism.

Peatland Atlas 2023

The Peatland Atlas 2023 highlights the consequences of the destruction of these unique habitats, but also the potential of wet peatlands for mitigating climate change.
Webbing a new net


Delineating marine bioregions requires understanding the historical interconnections between the lived experiences of humans with the coastal areas they inhabit, and the oceans beyond, where they make their livelihoods. It is imperative to recognise the cultural, ecological, geomorphic, political, and social dimensions of these relationships and incorporate the diverse perspectives visible in the institutional mechanisms created through these connections.
Teesta Report

Multi Hazard Mapping of Teesta River Basin

The Proposed study utilizes recent land use and land cover data (Sentinel 2), forest fire point data from the Forest Survey of India (FSI), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) landslide inventory, and landslides demarcated from high resolution and multi-date Google Earth images to specify different types of eco-regions in the Teesta basin.
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India International

Combatting Global Plastic Pollution

A critical look at the entire plastics cycle is also of crucial importance from a feminist perspective, because the plastic problem cannot simply be reduced to consumer use patterns or to harmful microplastics in cosmetic products. On the contrary, every stage of the plastics cycle reflects different gender-specific experiences and exposures.

Perspectives Asia #11: Transitions

Change is all around us; experiencing it can be exciting or worrisome, confusing or even disturbing. By contrast, the idea of “transition” stands to provide a sense of direction, in a sea of change and insecurity. Change may be happening to us; a transition has direction, it can be planned, perhaps even be initiated. It moves into a positive, sustainable direction – or so we hope.
The Goba of Ladakh cover

The Goba of Ladakh

Report elaborating on the current relevance of a Traditional Governance system of Gobas of Ladakh.
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Perspective Asia #7: Nationalisms and populisms in Asia

The latest issue of Perspectives Asia aims to draw a fine line between different forms of nationalism. The articles from various Asian countries focus on strategies and political styles adopted by populist leaders and explain how nationalistic and religious ideas are distorted by politics. 

Perspectives Asia #6: Digital Asia

Over the last years, Asia has undergone an impressive digital transformation. Large parts of the continent have turned from the world’s factory into a creative industry.The different contributions across the continent highlight both the opportunities and risks of digitalization in Asia.

Perspectives Asia #5: Politics of food

Food is a highly political issue. Nowhere is this more true than in Asia. This publication seeks to illustrate some conflicting issues in the field of food and nutrition. The contributions highlight a selection of fields, where political action is needed to ensure that there is enough food on people's plate, which is also healthy and nutritious.

Perspectives Asia #3: A continent on the move

Asia, the world’s most populous continent, has been undergoing a dramatic transformation. Globalization and new technologies are leading millions of people out of poverty. At the same time thousands have to leave their country. A continent on the move.

Perspectives Asia #1: Copper, Coal and Conflicts

In this issue, our authors report on conflicts stemming from coal and copper mining in Afghanistan, India, and Myanmar. The articles on Cambodia and on Inner Mongolia in China illustrate how the traditional economic models and ways of life of indigenous populations suffer from the unrestrained exploitation of raw materials.