Perspectives Asia #6: Digital Asia

Over the last years, Asia has undergone an impressive digital transformation. Large parts of the continent have turned from the world’s factory into a creative industry. Asian countries not only manufacture, but also develop new digital products. The region already accounts for half of world’s 2.8 billion internet users and by 2025 fast changing technologies are expected to bring a massive economic change.

Digitalization has therefore become a driving force of social change much more than in the Western hemisphere. This certainly means more opportunities for innovation and growth for many countries. However, on the flipside, if new technologies are in the wrong hands they can also be used as a mean to secure or abuse power. The latest Perspectives Asia edition will shed light on these developments. The different contributions across the continent highlight both the opportunities and risks of digitalization in Asia.

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January 2018
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  • The Curious Case of Vox Populi 2.0: ASEAN’s Complicated Romance with Social Media - Joel Mark Baysa Barredo and Jose Santos P. Ardivilla
  • Halfway There: Myanmar’s Difficult Transition toward Freedom of Expression - Nay Phone Latt
  • Rethinking Media Reform in Southeast Asia: Promoting a Participatory Approach for a More Democratic Media - Gayathry Venkiteswaran
  • Dealing with the Past: Engaging in the Present  App-learning on Khmer Rouge History: An Internet-based Multimedia Application - Duong Keo and Sopheap Chea
  • You Are What You Share: How Social Media Is Changing Afghan Society - Sayed Asef Hossaini
  • «Restricting Women’s Space on the Internet Is a Violation of Their Rights» An Interview with Nighat Dad by Fabian Heppe
  • Pakistan’s Cybercrime Law: Boon or Bane? - Farieha Aziz
  • Aadhaar: The Indian Biometric ID System Has Potential but Presents Many Concerns - Sushil Kambampati
  • IT Giants in China: A Tough Business - Sophie Ping Sun
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