India's development cooperation with ASEAN

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In a phase of geopolitical vulnerability in Asia, India and ASEAN have an imperative role to fulfil. The relation between India and ASEAN have witnessed remarkable growth in recent years and their mutual interests have been a driver of their 25-year partnership. Economic engagements between India and ASEAN countries have been moving forward at a steady pace, still there are a number of challenges that need effective policy interventions. Further, in this rapidly changing environment of digitization and the pre-existing challenges like rural/urban and gender divide, India and ASEAN must ensure equality of opportunities, outcomes and social mobility. Inclusive growth needs to be at the core of economic and social collaboration between these partners. Further, making the important link and connect between India and ASEAN are its people and the efforts of civil society organizations on both sides. This study investigates the India-ASEAN partnership from a civil society perspective.

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Executive Summary



Trade and Economic Dynamic

Social Issues: Challenges and Gaps

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in ASEAN

Civil Society Engagement



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