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Since March 2020 the world has been experiencing a forced deceleration. More and more people associate the corona pandemic not least with man's overexploitation of nature and it has revealed the complete vulnerability of both. We have to face the facts that the virus is hitting the poor hardest worldwide, that the pandemic is cementing existing gender roles and that suddenly many of the self-employed, including artists and scientists, are losing their livelihoods.

The obvious increase in social inequality as well as the urgently needed socio-ecological transformation of our society has fuelled the debate on the (unconditional) basic income in recent months. This English publication by Adrienne Goehler deals with the mutual relationship between sustainability, basic income and collective deceleration. The work shows that in the discourse on transformation and sustainability in the fight against the constantly advancing climate change, a systematic integration of the issues of social inequality and the global creation of decent livelihoods are absolutely necessary.

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Approaches from the North and South

Christine v. Weizsäcker biologist, environmental activist, scientific and political commitment for biodiversity, democracy and North | South justice

Caroline Teti director of the Non-governmental Organization | NGO »Give directly«, Nairobi

Thomas Jorberg board spokesman of the GLS Bank 60 Sister Josefa Thusbaß Dominican Missionary, Schlehdorf Convent, Bavaria

Sarath Davala sociologist, India, chair of the Basic Income Earth Network | BIEN

Interjection Barbara Adam sociologist and enabler. Time is the key focus of her socio-ecologic analyses

Interjection Hartmut Rosa sociologist and political scientist on acceleration and resonance, Maheba Goedeke Tort campaigner for a Basic Income

Living Working Experimenting

Finding Erich Fromm psychoanalyst

Wolfgang Strengmann-Kuhn social scientist, Member of the German Bundestag for Alliance 90 | the Greens

Recording Sabine Soeder flow architect and graphic facilitator

Marie-Louise Zeller on the final sprint to becoming a climate physicist, passionate swing dancer and cyclist

Courtesy *durbahn artist, video-archivist, political media projects

Julio Linares economic anthropologist, activist, anarchist, Basic Income Earth Network, Guatemala

Associations Johan Lorbeer performance artist, explores perception phenomena
Peter Thoma video artist, expert in minerology and anthropology On the arts and sciences

Amelie Deuflhard theater producer, general director, artistic director

Courtesy Swaantje Güntzel anthropologist, conceptual and performing artist

Cornelia HinterschusterSvenja Paulsen social and cultural scientists

Anna-Sophie Brüning conductor, violinist, freelancer

Theses Andrea Baier sociologist, Adelheid Biesecker economist, Daniela Gottschlich sustainability scientist

Christian Felber economist, dancer, initiator Economy for the Common Good

Neologism Silke Helfrich author, activist for the common good

John Schellnhuber physicist, founder and director emeritus, globally networked and multiple author, advisor and agitator

Thinking space Karolina Iwa intercultural psychologist, visual process facilitator

Patrizia Nanz political scientist, specialist on participation, scientific director and Lukas Kübler, academic advisor

Exclamation Barbara Adam Basic Income

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