South Asia Bioregionalism Working Group

The South Asia Bioregionalism Working Group, is a voluntary network of members reimagining an ecoregional and bioregional governance for South Asia. It was initiated at a Democracy Vikalp Sangam (Alternatives Confluence) in October 2019. Our ecologies in the region are contiguous and so is the culture, which the group aims to highlight through documentation, dialogues, and action.

In the global context, the terms ecoregions and bioregions have different meanings, connotations and perspectives. This working group largely agrees with hte bioregional approach, as it seems more inclusive of both ecological and socio-cultureal dimensions; the group intends however to create its own definition of bioregionalism that is inclusive of South Asian perspectives.

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Webbing a new net


Delineating marine bioregions requires understanding the historical interconnections between the lived experiences of humans with the coastal areas they inhabit, and the oceans beyond, where they make their livelihoods. It is imperative to recognise the cultural, ecological, geomorphic, political, and social dimensions of these relationships and incorporate the diverse perspectives visible in the institutional mechanisms created through these connections.
Teesta Report

Multi Hazard Mapping of Teesta River Basin

The Proposed study utilizes recent land use and land cover data (Sentinel 2), forest fire point data from the Forest Survey of India (FSI), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) landslide inventory, and landslides demarcated from high resolution and multi-date Google Earth images to specify different types of eco-regions in the Teesta basin.
Bioregion mapping cover

Uncovering Pre-District Bioregions of India

Research Report
This monograph has, within the constraints of time and resources, identified several Bioregions and has also outlined the possibility of these ecoregions becoming the underpinning of developmental decisions for the group of present day districts which overlie such regions.

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