Gender and economic policy discussion forum

The Forum looks at ongoing reform initiatives ‘through a gender lens’, drawing attention to gender differentiated behaviour and outcomes that policy formulation needs to take care of. The Forum wants to contribute to strengthening gender sensitivity in Indian public policy and provides a platform for interaction between economists, policy makers, and gender advocates in a structured manner and will make special effort to reach out to students and university faculty.

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The discussion from each gender and economic policy forum is succinctly recorded in the form of a briefing note for broader sharing and reflection. The briefing note contextualizes the topic, and provides recommendations in the direction of a gender sensitive public policy and discourse.

The briefing notes of all past forums are made available here on this page.

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Forum 33

Wednesday, 28. Oct 2020 / New Delhi

Briefing Note 34

Forum 33

Friday, 25. September 2020 / New Delhi

Briefing Note 33

Forum 32

Tuesday, 25. August 2020 / New Delhi

Briefing Note 32

Assessing the gendered implications of the national education policy 2020 on higher education in India

National Education Policy (NEP 2020) aims to initiate a major restructuring of the higher education landscape in India. With many new propositions including changes to the pedagogic structure, introduction of a national eligibility test for all college admissions, a centralized research curriculum, expansion of vocational training, amendments to the dropout policy, etc. many have hailed these to be landmark in terms of the far-reaching impact it will have on access to quality education.


Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic & subsequent lockdown on violence and women’s security

The pandemic has shed light on the urgent need for an intersectional approach that integrates the politics of gender, caste, spaces and informality while examining issues of violence. It is for this reason that we seek to invite a diverse panel that is able to bring out vulnerabilities and violations across each of these socio-spatial locations including informal workplaces and homes.


Gendered impact of the Covid-19 pandemic & the associated lockdown: The readjustment of women's labour

By March 2020, amidst growing evidence on contraction of industrial production, demand, real GDP and employment over several successive quarters, economists had already forewarned a recession. It was in such a situation that India imposed one of the world’s most stringent lockdowns to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease.



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10 October 2017