Internship at hbs India


NOTE: Due to the uncertain developments of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic in India, as well as ongoing visa restrictions and Government of India travel regulations, we are currently not able to re-open the internship programme at our office. Information regarding the re-opening of our internship opportunities for 2022 will be updated by the end of May 2022.

General information on selection process:

Applications for internships will be selected based on:

a) a written application letter giving clear indications on the motivation for an internship at hbs Regional Office, New Delhi, including

b) suggestions for project ideas related to the applicant’s interests and study background, which should be in line with the overall programme work/focus of the foundation’s work, and

c) a CV/resume of the applicant.

The minimum duration of internships at our office is three months, and the maximum duration will be five months.

How to Apply

Once the application process re-opens, please e-mail required documents to Ms. Shalini Yog:

Applications submitted elsewhere will not be considered.

Language of application is English.

Applications should be submitted at least three and no earlier than six months in advance to the proposed starting date for an internship.

Humans from all genders, ethnic, religious, caste and other identity-relevant backgrounds are invited to apply for this position. We particularly welcome applications with a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion.