The book about plastic for people aged 12 and over

Unpacked! Plastic, Waste, & Me

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Specifically developed and designed for a young international audience, the digital book "Unpacked! Plastic, Waste, & Me" answers 70 questions about plastic in colorful infographics and six true stories. Book designer and author Gesine Grotrian and a team of experts from the Heinrich Böll Foundation together with an advisory board of young people from all over the world have created an exciting non-fiction book for young people aged 12 and over.


This is the digital edition of our book. Here you can find all the infographics on plastic and plastic waste from the book. This website features all the chapters from UNPACKED!

Digital Edition of Unpacked! Plastic, Waste, and Me

Brand Audit

Brand audits are citizen science initiatives that involve counting and documenting the brands found on plastic waste collected at a cleanup to help identify the companies responsible for plastic pollution. 

Brand Audit

Brand Audits - Who is responsible for plastic pollution?


Plastic, Waste & Me - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

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The Youth Advisory Council about the book project

Members of the global youth advisory board explain the plastic problem and why we urgently need to stop the plastic flood.

Online book presentation of "Unpacked! Plastic, Waste, & Me" - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

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Online book presentation of "Unpacked! Plastic, Waste, & Me"
Watch the launch of "Unpacked! Plastic, waste, & me", featuring members of the international youth advisory board, book designer Gesine Grotrian and Lili Fuhr from the Heinrich Boell Foundation. Delphine Lévi Alvarès (Break Free From Plastic) facilitated this event.