Infographic: Tourism projects under Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resource (NLCPR) in Northeast India

23. July 2019 by Ashish Khandalikar

Northeast India boasts some of the most mesmerising places one can ever visit in a lifetime. Cherrapunji, the wettest place in the world, Shillong, famously called as the Scotland of the East, Kaziranga, the UNESCO Heritage site for one horned rhinos are all located in the Northeast of India. However, only ten projects have actually been undertaken so far under the NLCPR to promote and facilitate tourism. The below infographic shows the status of completion, the financial costs incurred and the geographical location of the tourism projects happening.

The first project was approved in 2012 for the development of infrastructure at the entry point of Kaziranga National Park and most recent one was approved in 2017 in Manipur.

Red bars of the first chart shown indicate ongoing while the green ones indicate projects for which the completion date is yet to come. The thicker bars indicate the scheduled date for completion of the projects while the thinner ones indicate the eventual date of actual completion. It is saddening to see that none of the projects have yet been completed.

In the slope chart one can see the projects according to their Approved Cost. The right side indicates the amounts that have so far been utilised. If one hovers over the slope chart the state in which a project is happening gets highlighted. Hovering over the states on the right side map, shows all projects ongoing in this particular state in the slope chart.

Original Author: Ashish Khandalikar. All rights reserved.