Infographic: Status of water supply projects under Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resource in Northeast India

Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resource (NLCPR) Scheme was started in 1998 to fill up the gap in infrastructure sector of the North Eastern Region through sanctioning the projects prioritized by the State Governments. So far, one thousand six hundred forty-three (1,643) projects at an approved cost of Rs. 163,668.2 million have been taken up in eight States of North Eastern Region. It was later transferred to DoNER (Development of North-Eastern Region) in 2001.

 The following visualisation shows the distribution of funds across the ten sectors from 1998 till date. Hovering over any sector will reveal the number of total projects in that sector, completed projects and ongoing projects.

The following visualisation shows the map of North East India along with the number of water supply projects in each of the states. The pie chart shows the amount each state is spending on those projects. Manipur has the maximum number of projects (52) and is spending Rs 3483 million on them.

The following chart shows the status of all the Water Supply Projects in Northeast India implemented under the NLCPR Scheme. Green color indicates completed projects, and ongoing projects are shown in red color. The dark shades of red and green represent the expected times of completion of those projects. The readers are requested to choose the desired state from the list on the right-hand side of the chart.
Hovering over the status bars reveals the approved costs and the amounts that were actually utilised for the project. More information about the NLCPR Scheme can be found at the links given below.

Original Author: Ashish Khandalikar. All rights reserved.