Who We Are

Who we are

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The Heinrich Böll Foundation is headquartered in Berlin and is a legally independent Foundation. The Foundation carries the name of Heinrich Boll, one of the most important writers of Federal Republic of Germany.
The Heinrich Böll Foundation's most important areas of activity are its projects in developmental co-operation and international policy. It currently supports about 130 projects in 60 countries on four continents. By way of its international collaboration with a large number of project partners, such as governmental institutions, public bodies and voluntary organizations, the Foundation provides intellectual and financial support for protection of the environment, art and culture, science and research, developmental cooperation and cross cultural understanding. To attain these objectives, the foundation cooperates with other societal initiatives, public bodies and voluntary organizations, and supports development cooperation on partnership and long term basis. The representative office of the Heinrich Boll Foundation in India oversees and supports the various projects of the Foundation in India.   The overall approach of the Heinrich Böll Foundation is to:

  • generate opportunities of sharing, analysing and learning among formations of civil society
  • engaging in independent and critical analysis of societal trends and issues
  • enabling dialogue across varied perspectives, sectors and institutions of the concerned stakeholders.

The mandate of the Foundation's work in India include:

  • To support enhanced commitment to democratic processes and social innovation, ecological solutions and sustainable development
  • To support, facilitate and contribute to civil society engagement, participation, and intervention
  • To provide a forum for open debate and promote dialogue between politics, business, academia, and society
  • To support and promote respect for the rule of law and democratic participation
  • To ensure that the debates of opinion shapers, decision makers and the general populace reflect comprehensively different perspectives and new assessments of ground realities
  • To place gender as a cross-cutting issue in all measures and programmes.


The Heinrich Böll Stiftung / Foundation (HBF) is the Green Political Foundation from Germany. Headquartered in Berlin and with more than 30 international offices, HBF conducts and supports civic educational activities and projects world-wide.

HBF understands itself as a green think-tank and international policy network, working with governmental and non-governmental actors and focusing on gender equity, sustainable development, and democracy and human rights.

HBF is present in India since 2002, with the New Delhi office coordinating interaction with local project partners. HBF India’s programme focuses on thematic areas such as climate, resources, gender in socio-economic policy, democratic governance, and India as a global actor. We promote national and international dialogue processes with a view to enhance the diversity of green thinking.

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