Energy Transition Platform South Asia

The Heinrich Boell Stiftung supports the Energy Transition Platform for South Asia, helmed by our partner organization Vasudha Foundation since 2018. The idea for the platform emerged from a capacity building visit to Germany arranged with the Foundation’s partners in Asia. The dialog visit explored concepts and practices related to the German Energy Transition or “Energiewende” and identified the need for a joint engagement also in South Asia. A scoping workshop held in November 2019 brought together energy experts and practitioners from South Asia and the and defined the platfoms vision as a “Fossil Fuel Free South Asia by 2050”. The Energy Transition Platform South Asia brings together partners from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maledives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka with the aim to explore opportunities for joint advocacy from a regional to a country level, towards a transition to an energy future in line with the Paris Agreement. The objectives of the platform are as follows;

Creating an online knowledge repository of all involved countries’ policies, programmes, institutional arrangements and other data and information related to energy/ renewable energy on a standalone web portal
Developing a compendium of best practices for energy transition based on existing policies, programmes, etc.
Collaboration for advocacy and influencing the transition towards a sustainable energy future between the stakeholders of all involved countries
Enhancing awareness of decision makers and other energy governance stakeholders regarding co-benefits of transitioning towards a renewable energy future in the context of emerging social, environmental and economic challenges
Acting as a resource point for knowledge, information and capacity building on energy transition on national and regional levels
Highlighting of gender aspects in energy policy making and implementation

Vasudha Foundation coordinates the platform with knowledge support from country partners from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Maldives.


Energy Transition Platform Asia