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India is building a future based on Infrastructure. A ‘wave’ of projects and investments are redefining India in myriad ways. Recognizably, these are pivotal to its growth story, foundational for rapid and inclusive development as well as achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are releasing compendium of our articles from our Dossier : 'Investigating Infrastructure: Ecology, Sustainability and Society' into a book. Here we will be joined by few contributor to the dossier.

Our dossier on Infrastructure has been presenting and investigating various facets of Infrastructure in India.

Note: Further version will be updated with Infographics on Health infrastructure in India. This will be uploaded on Friday 16th September.

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September 2022
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Introduction. 3

India’s Infrastructural Pathways: The Development Crossroad. 3

1.     C.P. Chandrasekhar: India’s infrastructure push loses momentum. An Overview on infrastructure investments in India  3

2.     Arjun Phillips: Quality Infrastructure and civil society. 11

3.     Raile Rocky Ziipao: Politicking Infrastructure Development in Northeast India. 18

4.     Jabin Jacob: China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its implications for India. 25

5.     Rajni Bakshi: For an alternative paradigm of development 36

India’s Connectivity Conundrum: Infrastructure as Panacea. 47

1.     Gaurav Dwivedi: Mega industrial infrastructure projects and their impact on people, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor 47

2.     Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman: “Pickled” Infrastructure and Connectivity: Locating Community Engagement in Northeast India's Infrastructural Transformation. 62

3.     Kim Arora: Netting India’s villages. 70

4.     Ashish Khandalikar: Infographic on roads and bridges in Northeast India. 80

India’s Infrastructural Interventions: Out of the Woods and into the Waters 81

1.     Ranjan Panda: Mahanadi: Looking beyond coal 81

2.     Manju Menon: Infrastructure development in Northeast India: Hydropower, Natural Resources, legal and institutional frameworks and compliance. 89

3.     Kanchi Kohli: Historical injustice and “Bogus” claims: Large infrastructure, conservation, and forest rights in India  96

4.     Ashish Khandalikar: Infographic status of water supply projects under Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resource in Northeast India  104

India’s Infrastructural Margins: Questioning the Business-as-Usual 105

1.    Kaustubh Deka: Youth and Infrastructure Development in Northeast India. 105

2.    Dolly Kikon Gendering infrastructure in Northeast India. 121

3.    Questions on her: A poem by Manipuri poet Chaoba Phuritsabam.. 128

Incredible India’s Infrastructure: Circuit-breakers of Ecology and Sustainability. 129

1.     Seema Bhatt: Addressing overtourism in the Corbett landscape. 129

2.     Chinmayi Sarma: Indigenous Women in Assam: Bearing burdens of nature, culture and market. 138

3.     Ashish Khandalikar: Infographic on tourism data of Northeast India. 146

India’s Indigenous Infrastructures: Traditional Knowledge, Networks, Systems. 146

1.    Shristee Bajpai, Neema Pathak and Mukesh Shende: Mining conflict and transformative alternatives in Korchi 147

2.    Avantika Haflongbar: Weaving in indigenous Dimasa community of Assam.. 155

3.    Nena Seitz: Local knowledge networks: A portraying interview of a sacred grove. An interview with John, a guide at Sacred forest in Shillong  162

India’s Living Roots, Bees, Elephants: Sketching along nature-human hybridity. 166

1.     Sebastian Walter and Axel Brockmann: Pollinators in the urban age. 166

2.     Narayan Sharma: An elephantine problem.. 187

3.     Sonal Jain: Living (planet) versus dead (capital) 202

India’s Infrastructural Promise: Agricultural Economy and Fishing Communities. 216

1.     Jyoti Awasthi: Rural economy no sidekick to India. 217

2.     Salam Rajesh: Alienating community in Loktak, Industrial fishing in Loktak lake. 230

3.     Nandini Thockchom: Women power to save Loktak Lairembee. 237

India’s Health Infrastructure: Prescribing a Fair Global Pandemic Response. 244

1.    Interview with K M Gopakumar of India on vaccination infrastructure. 244

2.    Interview with Marlisle Richter of South Africa on South-South perspective on a more egalitarian approach to vaccine production and distribution  251

3.    Health Infrastructure Infographic. 258

Author Profiles 259


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