Energy transition paper

Energy transition in India and Indo-German cooperation

Strengthening civil society participation in the transition
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The mentioned deficiencies, challenges and recommendations were developed within the framework of the 2023 scoping exercise “Energy transition in India” and discussed with relevant key actors such as representatives from Indian and German think tanks, decision-makers in the German parliament and different ministries, academics, and activists from the field of energy transition in India, climate foreign policy, development, human rights, and environmentalism. Roundtables held in 2022 and 2023 in New Delhi and Berlin created a conversation on how to strengthen and harness the inclusiveness of the energy transition discourse on and in India, focusing on the role of civil society in decision- and policy-making. Results of the roundtable discussion are included in this paper. The scoping exercise was carried out by Laura Reiner and Nakul Sharma.

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Regional Office New Delhi and Asia Department Berlin intend to work in the identified areas and encourage actors in the field and civil society to join and collaborate in realising the recommendations. This briefing paper is intended as food for thought and a basis for discussion. More engagement and involvement of civil society in this policy area is necessary to make the energy transition in India inclusive, ecological, and, thus, truly equitable and sustainable.

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