G20 in India

Editorial Note

The Heinrich Boell Stiftung New Delhi has been working for many years to strengthen civil society voices and representation from India at the Group of Twenty (G20). As part of the world’s civil society, our partners from India have been contributing to the Civil 20 (C20) platform – pivotal in cultivating ‘people-centeredness’ within the G20 process, challenging and inputting to promote social and economic development. The world today is struggling with multiple crises. The negative impacts of the health pandemic, murky populisms, rising tendencies of economic protectionism are leading to attempts of re-nationalisation, and the risk of a global economic recession. All this takes place in a context of climate change that is challenging life of all species on the planet. The tensions caused by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the economic (food, energy) crises are a flashpoint having irrevocable effects on the state of international affairs. Read More