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Democracy in Action

India, the world's largest democracy, is holding its 2024 general elections from April 19 to June 04. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks his third consecutive term, the ballot reflects the complex realities of the South Asian giant and its political landscape.

This dossier offers concise analyses of select issues surrounding the election, providing perspectives on the country's current political climate.

Podcast on Environment and Elections

Welcome to our special podcast on the intersection of environmental issues and the 2024 general elections in India. Hosted by Sadia Sohail, Programme Coordinator at Heinrich Boell Stiftung, New Delhi.

Our guest is Ms. Kanchi Kohli, an expert in environmental governance. We'll discuss the impact of the current government's environmental policies and their relevance in the ongoing elections. We'll also explore the future of India's environmental governance amid development pressures and global sustainability regulations.


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