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Für viele Frauen war der Wunsch nach Emanzipation ausschlaggebend für ihren Beitritt in der Untergrundorganisation.

Women played an important role as combatants in the armed conflict in the Indian Northeastern state of Assam. Based on interviews with participants, a study by Roshmi Goswami looks at how gender roles evolved in the insurgency.

The recent establishment of the New (BRICS) Development Bank has raised hopes for new approaches in development finance, while fears emerged that social and environmental standards may being weakened. A new study looks at the experience and past performance of BRICS countries in development financing.


A quick overview of the world’s state of affairs with regard to energy shows that the global energy transition is now picking up speed, as Ralf Fücks points out.


It is election season in India, and there are few places like Uttar Pradesh to get a feel which way the wind is blowingIt is election season in India, and there are few places like Uttar Pradesh to get a feel which way the wind is blowing


Ranjana Kumari, Director of the Centre for Social Research in New Delhi, is a veteran Indian feminist who has been following the International Women’s Conferences since Nairobi in 1985. She just returned from the March 2015 meeting in New York. We talked with her about women’s rights and gender equity in India.


Prominent Indian journalist Praful Bidwai has unexpectedly passed away. He was only 65 years old. With his death, India looses one of the most prominent critics of nuclear armament and nuclear energy generation.

Ralf Fücks’ new book “Green Growth, Smart Growth”, with a foreword by Anthony Giddens, outlines a way forward to the great transformation needed to decouple economic growth from resource consumption. Drawing on the German policy experience of tackling climate change, Ralf Fücks outlines a new approach to economic thinking, scientific and technological innovation and democratic proactive policymaking.

This issue highlights safeguards, global financial instability and fragility, Turkey's economy and fossil fuel subsidies, and the tension between G20 and UN leadership on infrastructure.

New Publications

These are three oral histories from a little –known transgender community in South India called the Jogappas. The multiple changes in the world around them have impacted the Jogappas in various ways. Each Jogappa provides her account of the unique experiences that have shaped their lives and identities.

The problems faced by transgender persons in India receive little public attention. Aneka, based in Bangalore, works with Jogappas, a little-known South Indian transgender community, and has conducted a study in their lives and social conditions.

Do Indian women who control assets, especially land, have a greater control over their lives? Do they experience less gender-based violence? A new study, based on field data from rural areas in Karnataka, Telengana and Meghalaya that have diverse land-ownership systems, explores the connection.

How will climate change impact on biodiversity, agriculture and settlements in the diverse ecosystems of India? “Coping with Climate Change”, edited by Suman Sahai of Gene Campaign, based on solid research and presented in a highly readable manner, documents impacts and provides suggestions for adaptation practices .


The Heinrich Böll Stiftung / Foundation (HBF) is the Green Political Foundation from Germany. Headquartered in Berlin and with about 28 international offices, HBF conducts and supports civic educational activities and projects world-wide.

HBF understands itself as a green think-tank and international policy network, working with governmental and non-governmental actors and focusing on gender equity, sustainable development, and democracy and human rights.

HBF is present in India since 2002, with the HBF India office in New Delhi coordinating the interaction with local project partners. HBF India’s programme activities are focused on three areas: Climate and Resources; Gender & Socio-Economic Policies; and Democracy & Dialogue.

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